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Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church

13439 Cullen Boulevard * Houston, Texas 77047 * Telephone: (713) 733-5049 *

Pastor Charlie Hall, Jr.
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New Member's Orientation


                                                   President - Deacon Marqus James




Mission Statement: Our mission in New Members Orientation is to advance the knowledge of new converts that unite with the Mount Pilgrim church family.  We pray that we are able to give new members the “Right Start” upon joining this church.  We educate new members on the principles of "Faith through the word of GOD".


We cover the guidelines of the Church Covenant, the meaning of Baptism, what the church means, the significance of Tithes and Offering, and growth in your spiritual life through teaching of the Bible.  It is our prayer that every new member will be a blessing to this church.  We know this church will be a blessing to you!!!


Function of New Members Orientation:
In this ministry, we have the opportunity to have the first impact on new converts that unite with this church. Through the leadership of Pastor Hall, we are able to encourage new members, through the word of God, to search out their soul salvation in the church.
Chairman/Instructor               Deacon Marqus James
Instructor                                Sister Barbara Spears